Our commitment to service includes a commitment to providing you a professional, knowledgeable staff. Towards this end, THE RIA GROUP, INC. supports continuing education for all staff members. This includes work towards the Certified Insurance Counselors (C.I.C.) and Certified Insurance Service Representative (C.I.S.R.) designation because learning does not end upon becoming licensed. YOUR SOLUTION BEGINS WITH ANALYSIS!  

Before recommending specific coverages for your business, we first evaluate your existing insurance program and analyze every aspect of your business operation. The more we learn about your facilities, inventory, equipment and employees, the more effectively we can develop a fully coordinated plan to meet your exact protection requirements - a plan that will safeguard your physical assets and your 'people assets'. 

At THE RIA GROUP, INC., coordinated protection means eliminating unnecessary or overlapping coverages and identifying those areas where you may be underinsured. In this way, you get the precise coverage you need - not more than you can afford or less than is safe. Coordinated protection also means reviewing and updating your coverages periodically to keep your insurance program current with changes in your business and the business environment.

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